Features to look for when buying your next earbud headset

Very few phones and music players come with powerful earbuds for quality music experiencing. There are so many different brands of these devices. You will be utterly spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting on that you would want to purchase. However, there are things you should always look for if you want to get high quality tools for a totally out-of-this-world music experience. Check for the following features when buying your next set of earbuds and you can be sure you will not be disappointed.

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Bass quality

Sellers will always have a set for you to try out before you purchase. The bass quality of the earbuds will determine just how good you will be able to experience your music. Bass adds the oomph to the music regardless of how pitchy the singer’s voice may be. A headset with too much treble is just wrong. The songs with lots of bass will not play so nicely on the headset.

Noise cancellation

Ideally, earbuds should always have great noise-cancellation capabilities. Any external noises should not be a part of your music. The noise cancellation abilities of your set will be determined by how well they fit in your ears. To improve on this feature, manufacturers provide some soft inserts which make the earbuds fit correctly. As long as they fit appropriately the noise cancellation feature will be fully functional.

Noise cancellation also works with the microphones. For the microphones to produce crisp clear sounds this feature should be available. Thus when you go shopping for a set you should always invest in a pair that has this feature. Such earbuds usually cost a little more.


A microphone is a very important feature in all earbud headsets. This is particularly so if you are using those devices that do not have built-in microphones. Your headset’s microphone will come in handy when you are talking on phone as you drive or take your morning jog.

The microphone is typically located on the wires extending towards the jack. In some earbuds it is a really conspicuous feature but in others it is pretty small. All in all, make sure that the headset that you purchase has a microphone.


There are those earbud headsets that are specific for a brand of devices. Nonetheless, most of the headsets available in the market today are compatible with a variety of devices, at least when it comes to the jack pin. For example Samsung earbuds can be used on Apple products and vice versa. It all depends on the one that you purchase. The standard jack pin is the 3.5 millimeter one. However, there are some that are smaller and others bigger in size. Moreover, even if the jack fits you are not guaranteed that the headset will work properly. The set may refuse to work completely or produce low quality music.


A set of earbuds that can be used to control music remotely is the best. Usually people use the devices while they are on the move. The control feature should not be missing if you want fully functional earbud headsets. If you want to stop or pause music, adjust volume, answer calls and a bunch of other tasks, you should be able to do that easily. The controls are normally found on the microphone but they can anywhere else on the cord or even on the outside of the earbuds themselves.

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