Please read the reviews of the best flight simulator gaming joystick for fsx first, the flight joystick has come a long way, from the a few buttons on a stick attached to a pivot base in the 1960s, to the modern joystick of today. To be able fly an aircraft from the comfort of your sofa means having the right gear, from the display unit to the flight joystick. To get the best out of your flight experience, it is vital to get the right joystick for the job.

The joystick’s handle should have the right texture to enhance grip while providing enough grip space for a normal hand size. You could also consider getting one that allows for usage from any hand conveniently. Whether using with the left or right hand, the joystick should deliver the same comfort and ease of use. You can opt for a right/left handed one, but you never know when a friend who is opposite handed to you might be coming along to enjoy a game!

The buttons should have flexible and customizable settings. The default settings may not be suitable for every user and as such, may fail to deliver the ultimate experience from your games. Fortunately, most joysticks are customizable today. However, be sure to look out for those old generation sticks that only offer the option of the default stings. Ensure the joystick has all the custom action buttons including the launch button, fire buttons etc. They should all be precisely responsive. A good joystick should have all its buttons conveniently placed around the handle and base. They should also be conveniently spaced so you can easily adapt to their positioning easily, without having to look down every time to confirm what button you’re pressing.

Turning is a key utility in every flight simulation game. It is therefore crucial to get a joystick that will allow you to move smoothly on both axes. A good joystick should have a sensitive lever. Ones with customizable sensitivity are the best.

The base should be heavy enough to hold ground on the table; desk or whatever other surface you will be using it on. It should also be small enough to set aside without taking too much room. It should also have pads for a smooth grip.

Choose a joystick that is compatible with your particular gaming console. You should also confirm that the joystick gives optimum gaming experience; check for the number of buttons, throttle and rudder twist. Don’t go for sticks that fail to deliver maximum experience for a basic flight simulator game. It should also be durable. Go for the one that has a right padding to withstand falls and has tough plastic and quality construction. Ensure the joystick metal is stainless and hard.

The unit should be easily portable. One with a detachable handle will serve well for portability and storage. A good joystick should have control manager software that can provide different programmable functions.

There are many joysticks out there. To get the right one, first outline all the specs you want then hunt down the most affordable. You should also consider your own experience and what your friends recommend from their experience with a particular brand.